The Second Brain Co

The Second Brain Co

The Second Brain Co was a natural progression designed to share our knowledge so that we could offer others the same great health benefits we were enjoying. The response has been amazing! Not only do our clients love the way our salads and drinks taste, they really love how our nutritious products result in sustained weight loss and huge gains in energy!

  • We specialize in making Supercharged Salads & Organic Probiotic Kefir Spring Water.
  • Choose to have our products delivered to you OR find our products at select retailers.
  • A customer service based company, focused on providing great nutrition to you daily!
  • We are based in Flesherton with a certified Nutritionist on staff.


Healthy Made Easy
Healthy Made Easy

Prepared daily, you can trust our salads are always fresh and nutritious

Farm To Table
Farm To Table

Always fresh, largely locally sourced from the Grey Highlands farming area

Sooth Your Micro-Flora
Sooth Your Micro-Flora

Our super clean products promote good gut micro-floral health

GF & V Friendly
GF & V Friendly

Gluten-Free & Vegan options available on request

We Deliver
We Deliver

Free delivery to your Home or Office location: Wed to Sat

Find Us In-Store
Find Us In-Store

Find our products at select retailers

Our Story

We began to really focus on the benefits of clean eating, around 8 years ago. Clayton had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years prior and I had recently added to my BSc. in Gross Anatomy by licensing as a Nutritionist for my Personal Training Practice in Toronto, due to the need for nutritional guidance for my clients. Many were dealing with issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic fatigue and hormonal imbalance due to poor dietary choices.

As individuals with a fairly active lifestyle, our long-term goal was to eliminate most processed food and added sugar from our diet in order to improve our gut micro-floral health thereby boosting our energy levels and our overall immune system health. With years of on-going research, we achieved this goal through improved understanding about macro nutrient balance, micro nutrient supplementation and the importance of prebiotics and probiotics in our diet. We also began to truly appreciate the importance of meal timing in order to boost metabolic functioning and properly stabilize blood sugar in order to avoid fat gain.

Within our household a largely raw, plant-based, non-GMO'd, sugar-free diet began to emerge supplemented with home made kefir drinks and wild/free-range sources of protein. The more we ate clean food, the less we craved processed and sugary food and our energy levels soared! We continue to eat this way: 6 meals each day, every 3 hours because it works and we feel fantastic! 😊

Our Services

Our Clientele

Our Clientele

Our private clients will receive our minimum order of TWO different medium sized Supercharged Salads (approx 350 cal) & an optional addition of TWO Organic Probiotic Kefir Spring Waters. Freshly made, we will deliver to your home or office location Wed to Sat (Delivery charges may apply, contact us for details).

  • Have one salad for lunch and one for dinner
  • Share a salad & drink with a friend or work colleague
  • Have one salad on the day of delivery and save the other for the following day
Retail Outlets

Retail Outlets

You can purchase our Supercharged Salads & Organic Probiotic Kefir Spring Waters at select locations. These locations, will offer TWO types of Salads daily, with FOUR Salads per week containing no dairy, meat or gluten.

  • We deliver to each location daily, made fresh
  • Interested in carrying The Second Brain products at your store? Contact us below
  • See below where to find The Second Brain Co in stores near you
Salad Club

Salad Club

In addition to offering directly to 'Private Clients' and to 'Retail Locations' we offer a 'Salad Club' option for schools, businesses, health clubs etc. who are looking for a healthy lunch option during the week.

  • Any group of 2 or more people can sign up for a delivery of salads.
  • It can be set up any day of the week and includes our full range of products.

Find our Meals at the Following Retailers

  • I cant express enough about how delicious the food and snacks are.

    Gail and I just wanted to compliement you on your new Second Brain breakfast, morning snack, lunch and and afternoon snack, business that we feel so fortunate to have learned about and signed up for. I cant express enough about how delicious the food and snacks are. I personally love the extra energy that I know feel, as well as maintaining my new weight loss, too. Probably the most important part of the service is the delivery to our home, early each morning, to start our very busy days. This has really impacted our own grocery bills as well.

    Read Hilton and Gail Crawford
    Read Hilton and Gail Crawford
  • I felt terrific while I was eating the meals, I had more energy and no cravings.

    You won't regret investing in Second Brain Co's meal plans. The quality and variety of food is second to none. I found it very helpful to not only be told what to eat and when, but to be provided with that food was a real bonus. It's far less likely to fail if everything is planned. I felt terrific while I was eating the meals, I had more energy and no cravings. Added bonus: Wendy is such a pleasure to deal with.

    Brenda Lawson
    Brenda Lawson
  • Following the Second Brain food plan has been incredibly beneficial.

    Following the Second Brain food plan has been incredibly beneficial, it allows for great peace of mind regarding the quantity but more importantly the quality of daily food intake. The difference I noticed within a couple of days involves a flatter tummy, less food craving due to feeling satisfied after eating, and steady weight loss. Overall, I feel sensational, apart from being tasty, it is kind of idiot proof, just eat what's in the delivery bag as directed and the rest takes care of itself.

    Ruth Thornton
    Ruth Thornton
  • The meals were absolutely delicious, healthy and the presentation very professional.

    I knew I had a busy few weeks ahead of me packing and moving my elderly mother. At a time when one usually resorts to fast food it was great to order from Second Brain daily and have 2 healthy meals and snacks prepared and delivered directly to my home. The meals were absolutely delicious, healthy and the presentation very professional. Thanks to these meals I had endless energy all day.

    Nancy Everett
    Nancy Everett
  • The food they prepare is delicious

    If you want to eat healthily yet don't have the time to learn about good nutrition or to prepare healthy meals, I highly recommend the services of Second Brain Co. The food they prepare is delicious and they offer many convenient ways to get your meals to you, including home delivery or convenient pick-up. I always look forward to my days when I have Second Brain take care of my nutritional needs.

    Janet White
    Janet White
  • Amazing nutritional benefit with such fabulous flavour

    As an organic farmer I understand the huge benefits of eating clean, local and sustainable fresh produce. Our general health is an expression of what we put into our bodies. That's why I love the Second Brain salads and drinks as they deliver amazing nutritional benefit with such fabulous flavour! The probioitic Kefir Spring Water keeps my gut micro-flora happy and is refreshingly delicious!

    Kimberley Schneider (Dunridge Farms)
    Kimberley Schneider (Dunridge Farms)
  • Delicious!

    Feedback from our end has been that salad tastes are great, BUT they often wish there was more dressing: I get it, the dressings are delicious!

    Christene Anacleto Krause (The Espresso Post)
    Christene Anacleto Krause (The Espresso Post)

The Freshest Local Ingredients Provided by the Following Suppliers

  • Macronutrients are elements that we consume in the largest quantities which provide us with the bulk of energy. There are three primary macronutrients: carbohydrate, protein, and fat.

  • The recommended Macronutrient Spread is:
    30% protein: from grains, seeds, nuts, plant and animal protein.
    30% fats: from seeds, nuts, plant and animal fats.
    40% carbohydrates: from fruit, vegetables, whole grains and dairy.
    This macronutrient spread is optimal for the following reasons:
    - Both carbohydrates and fats are the human body’s primary source of fuel. Carbohydrates are an immediate source of energy while Fats provide the body with a long-term supply of fuel.
    - Protein, when eaten, is not a source of energy for the body however it is critical for ongoing hormone, enzyme, organ and muscle repair.

  • In the absence of a constant supply of these high-quality and varied macronutrients the human body tears down its own muscle to self-sustain, thereby slowing the metabolism!

  • Micronutrients include: microgreens, shoots, fresh herbs and dried spices which boost the immune system by providing a high concentration of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

  • Probiotics boost the immune system by proving billions of micro-flora to your system daily.

  • Micro-flora is the bacteria living in our digestive tracts which aids digestion and optimizes nutrient, vitamin & mineral absorption. Our diets play an essential role in maintaining diversity and proper functioning of our digestive Micro-Flora.

  • A detailed, scientific breakdown of how macronutrients and micronutrients work to develop and influence your gut micro flora.

  • An eye-opening look at the important vitamin content of animal products and their necessary contribution to a healthy diet.

  • A thoroughly researched presentation on the destructive results of processed foods, chemicals and preservatives on living bodies.

  • An easy to read guide on how to improve your gut microbiome and therefore your overall health, by eating a clean diet.

  • A thorough guide to improved overall health through clean eating together with a mindful existence.

  • In introduction to the foundations and principles of eating cleanly coupled with recipes and ideas for sustaining a clean-eating lifestyle.

  • A detailed study of the human metabolism and how to optimize your energy through proper meal timing.

  • A great starter guide on how to grow probiotics at home and incorporate them into your diet.

  • A detailed study on the effect of different foods on our hormones and neurotransmitters.

  • A funny, easy to read account of how to follow a Ketogenic diet and the benefits.

  • Fat is the only macronutrient that elicits no response from Insulin. Insulin is the hormone released when we eat carbohydrates and protein and which stabilizes our body’s blood sugar after a meal by cleaning away the excess carbs and proteins and storing them in fat cells. Eating fats does NOT result in any Insulin release and therefore cannot promote fat storage when eaten alone. Furthermore eating fat makes food taste better, helps to provide a feeling of fullness as the food is richer (so you will likely eat less) and is a critical daily requirement for nerve repair and brain function.  Low quality fats including processed saturated fats will however have negative effects on the body, so choose your fats carefully. Good, clean, healthy fats are an important part of a balanced diet and should contribute to around 30% of your daily intake of calories. These should include a balance of good quality saturated fats (organic, grass fed animal fat, ghee, butter, virgin coconut oil), mono-unsaturated fats (extra-virgin olive oil, most vegetable oils, nuts, avocados, etc.) and polyunsaturated fats: the essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6. (The ratio to consume should be 1:3 of Omega 3 to Omega 6. Sources of Omega 3 include flax seed, cold water fish, pumpkin seed, grass fed beef. Sources of Omega 6 include walnuts, corn oil, peanut oil, wheat germ and grass fed beef.)

  • Choosing to eat or not to eat animal products is an entirely personal choice. From a biological standpoint, human have omnivorous dentition indicating that we are evolutionarily designed to rely on animal products for complete nourishment. While we can certainly get by for periods of time on a compromised diet with a diminished supply of complete amino acids, the long term effects of this will manifest itself via alterations to muscle formation, organ maintenance, hormone and enzyme production. Of the 21 amino acids our bodies need to survive, 9 are essential meaning they must be procured from our diet, while the other 12 are non-essential amino acids meaning our bodies can manufacture them. However, 8 of these non-essential amino acids can become conditionally-essential when the body is under stress either due to health issues or heavy exercise. The body then requires the 8 conditionally-essential amino acids to be sourced from food. Animal protein offers 100% of the 9 essential amino acids making it the most readily available complete source of protein for a strong healthy body. Complete protein can be obtained from plants but mostly requires a combination of sources e.g.: kidney beans and rice together form a complete protein meaning that all 9 essential amino acids are represented in the proper ratios.

  • Macronutrients are substances the body needs in relatively large amounts in order to stay healthy and include: water, protein, carbohydrates and fat. All the foods we consume fit into at least one macro category but most fit into several. For example, seeds and nuts encompass 3 macro groups: fat (50%), protein (25%), and carbohydrates (25%). Due to the fact that seeds and nuts are largely comprised of healthy fats we typically categorize them as a fat. Whole milk is a carbohydrate macro first even though it contains a high amount of protein and some fat. Most lean, organic meats are proteins and fats in that order and therefore would be classified as protein macros.

  • Micros are the nutrients we need in smaller and even in trace amounts in order to stay healthy and include vitamins and minerals. Micronutrients can all be obtained through a varied and healthy diet which includes eating a range of differently coloured fresh fruit and vegetables, a variety of animal products, legumes, pulses, seeds and nuts.

  • It’s not just for diabetics: the easiest way to shed unwanted body fat is via balanced blood sugar. This means eating clean whole food that is sugar-free, unprocessed and non-GMO’d in small quantities and at regularly timed intervals: ideally every 3 hours starting 30 minutes after waking up each day.  This provides a steady supply of nutrients via the macros and micros consumed, to your body for energy, repair, growth and organ function. Through this practice hunger is avoided and so is overeating as cravings for overindulgence usually diminish within a week. Calories are burned within the 3 hour window after each small meal is consumed leaving little to nothing for fat storage. Any daily exercise performed will then utilize existing stored body fat, helping you to shed the unwanted weight. This requires being prepared each day: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance! So pack a lunch and a few snacks daily to take to work.

  • Black pepper: contains vitamins, is an antioxidant, aids digestion and boosts metabolism!

    Cinnamon: reduces insulin resistance, lowers blood pressure and boosts metabolism!

    Hot peppers (chilli, habaneros, jalapeños, cayenne, serrano, cherry peppers, etc.): lowers blood pressure, are antioxidants and boost metabolism!

    Curcumin: is an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory, boosts brain function and improves cardiac function!

    Ginger: is an anti-inflammatory, lowers blood sugar, aids digestion, an antioxidant and helps the body to fight infection.

    Apple cider vinegar: helps fight acid reflux, aids digestion, lowers blood pressure and lowers blood sugar.

    Lemons: contain vitamins and potassium, lowers the body’s acid PH levels, is an antioxidant, aids digestion and reduces inflammation.

    Parsley: rich in vitamins and minerals, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and aids digestion.

    Basil: rich in vitamins, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, an antibacterial and an immune booster, fights depression and lowers stress!

    Dill: rich in vitamins, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, reduces depression, aids digestion and has antiviral properties!

    Tarragon: rich in vitamins and minerals, lowers blood sugar, an antioxidant and aids with digestion!

    Savoury: rich in vitamins and minerals, an antiseptic and an anti-fungal, prebiotic and rich in fibre, an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant and aids with digestion!

    Cilantro: rich in vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, reduces cholesterol and is an antiseptic!

    Mint: rich in vitamins and minerals, aids digestion, fights depression and relieves nausea!

  • Prebiotic foods are foods that are typically high in inulin and/or fructo-oligosaccharides: complex carbohydrate fibre which good gut micro-flora thrive on! The top 5 prebiotic foods include: bananas, onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes and asparagus. Other foods high in prebiotics include fibre-containing foods like apples (with skin on), blueberries, beans, lentils and legumes.

  • Probiotics is simply another name for the good bacteria that live in your gut and which are critical for optimal health as they are largely responsible for the uptake of macros and micros into your bloodstream. Some of these bacteria already exist in fermented foods eg: real yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut and natto to name a few and these are therefore considered to be probiotic foods. When you consume probiotic foods you will receive the benefit of a 12 to 24 hour boost of these “additional probiotics” to your gut microbiome, therefore aiding digestion and boosting the absorption of important nutrients.

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